Initially company was registered with “CV. Bhakti Karya Trading Company” in 1977, dealing with General Trading and Construction.

Along with company growth, in 1982 our company advanced from enterprise into incorporated company, named PT. Bhakti Karya Mandiri.

Oil Palm and Mining activities were significantly evolved in 2005. Concentrating on improving business, our company saw the opportunity and aimed to develop into stronger market leader by highly investing in heavy equipments, vehicles and machines to remain competitive in this industry.

PT. Bhakti Karya Mandiri took concrete steps to challenge new business activities to fulfil demands of market, especially in:

  • General Contractor for Mining and Oil Palm Land Development
  • Heavy equipment rental
  • Vehicle rental
  • Spare-part supplier

Recently, we uphold an outstanding reputation and with strong commitment and capabilities match with high standard of professionalism, we aim to be trusted as one of the top corporations in this industry.